LinkedIn: Use LinkedIN to drive traffic

Q. What is content marketing and how can I use LinkedIn to publish my work?
Friday, March 20, 2015

A. Content marketing is a strategy of providing valuable information to customers to position your brand as an expert on topics related to the products or services you provide. The content may include articles, blog posts, case studies, infographics or videos, and it must be delivered in a way that your customers will consume. Posting your content to a company website is a great way to give customers more reason to visit your site on a regular basis.

If your site is not easy to update, LinkedIn has a platform for you to publish written works and photos, and embed videos. Anyone can add personal posts that will be seen by LinkedIn connections. Marketers may use the platform as a main posting location, or use LinkedIn posts to drive potential customers to a business website with teaser information. Posting content to LinkedIn is a straightforward process. The template provided is basic and easier to use than a typical online blog site.

Designating social media time to LinkedIn may be more beneficial than you think. As reported by Econsultancy, a traffic analysis of 60 corporate websites showed that LinkedIn was responsible for 64% of all visits from social media channels to company sites. Facebook and Twitter accounted for just 17% and 14%, respectively. 

It’s also important to spend time building the right LinkedIn connections. Seeking out professionals in your community who are likely to have aging parents or who are considering home modifications for their future is a good place to start. Connect with the people you know and then use your posts to prove that you’re the expert.

Beth Cox Hollingsworth is content manager for The VGM Group. Connect with her on LinkedIn (Beth Cox Hollingsworth) or email her at