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Lt. Governor pays call on provider

Lt. Governor pays call on provider

As one of East Texas' fastest-growing businesses--and a healthcare business to boot--Senior Respiratory Solutions was selected for a site visit by Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in April. David McDonald, president/owner of the Texarkana-based neb-med provider, spent two hours talking with Dewhurst about healthcare reform and the importance of creating good jobs. McDonald spoke with HME News recently about the visit.

HME News: So what did you have to say to Dewhurst about healthcare reform?

David McDonald: One of the key questions I asked him was, "How is it going to affect state Medicaid programs?" Texas is 11% of the U.S. population and Texas Medicaid is 8% of my business. I am being told that the Medicaid system is intact and pretty strong but there are concerns of how we will be able to pay for the additional 33 million people that we are potentially offering healthcare coverage to.

HME: Dewhurst is also promoting a program called "Texas Back to Work" that you've been able to take advantage of.

McDonald: They are looking at Average Joe wage earners who are currently on unemployment in the state of Texas. If I hire people that have been on unemployment, I will receive a $2,000 tax credit for each and every single employee that qualifies for that benefit. We qualified for six right off the bat.

HME: Did seeing HME up close and personal help Dewhurst understand what it is that you do?

McDonald: He got to see, touch and feel. The funny thing is, we had patients walking in and out and he said, "This is what it's all about. I am sitting here having a conversation with you about getting back to work and growing business and I keep getting interrupted by your customers." It's good to get the suits to come in and get dirty.


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