Mail order provider ready to roll

Saturday, May 31, 2008

RICHMOND, Va.--A revamped Web site at Home Care Delivered gives customers easier access to supplies and education, and paves the way for the provider to prepare--hopefully--for an onslaught of mail-order Medicare customers.

The company won several mail order diabetes contracts and is gearing up for July 1.

“We’ve got to anticipate a large increase in demand,” said COO Carol Muratore. “When we first realized competitive bidding was coming down the pike, (we started preparing).”

The site has three channels: a retail site geared toward incontinence products; a professional caregivers site; and a Medicare patient site, which includes a list of covered Part B supplies, answers to frequently asked questions and links to educational resources.

“If a patient is searching for mail order diabetes supplies, they can enroll directly online,” said Kristen McKeever, assistant marketing manager. “We also outline our complete care promise to our patients so they can see the benefit of choosing us.”

The company has also developed a free Fast Start kit, which it distributes through its home nursing referral sources. Packaged in a handy box, the kit includes a no-cost meter, a small amount of test strips, lancets, an educational DVD--everything the new patient needs to get started, said McKeever.

Like everyone else, Home Care Delivered is trying to cut costs while maintaining service. Behind the scenes, the company has upgraded its operating system, made organizational changes and automated as much as possible, said Muratore. Out front, the company presents a “small business” face.

“When you talk to us, you still get that human touch,” said Muratore. “We work very hard to hire compassionate and purpose-driven people.”

The 12-year-old company also offers incontinence, ostomy, wound care and urological supplies and began shipping nationwide in 2006.

While Home Care Delivered is “ready” for competitive bidding, Muratore acknowledges the next few months will test all providers.

“At any point in time, things can change,” she said. “We think everything we’ve done will buy us time to weather this rough period.”