Majors Mobility expands

Friday, June 30, 2006

TOPSHAM, Maine - It was time to either expand or close the doors, so Majors Mobility opened a second location in July.
"It may sound crazy, but we've developed our geographical area as much as we can," said Tyrrell Hunter, president. "If you just stay the same, you'll see profit margins eaten away."
The move will give the 10-year-old company access to 70% of the mobility market in Maine, potentially more than doubling its current 30% market share.
The new location measures 4,100 square feet--1,800 of which is devoted to showroom space. Hunter describes the location as "fabulous," with a walk-in rehab clinic in the same building and a large neurological practice next door providing convenient referral sources.
Majors will continue to focus on mobility items including rollators, walkers and canes, a market Hunter sees as growing.
"It's becoming easier to accept certain tools, like a rollator," said Hunter. "People are more willing to spend on something that keeps them mobile and active."
That willingness to spend should factor in to Hunter's long-term goal of a 50-50 split between retail, which currently makes up 40% of business, and Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance.