Marketing: Ready, set action!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Q. How can online videos drive store sales?

A. Did you know 96% of Internet users have watched a video online in the last week? If you aren't producing online content, chances are your competitors have or will soon. Here are some video topics that drive customer visits and sales:

4How-to videos: Partner with manufacturers to use their ready-made videos for your business, emphasizing those that demonstrate how to properly use or care for the products that you sell. Providing how-to videos improves customer service and that translates to better patient compliance, as well as repeat business.

4Staff clips: Create short video introductions for the people on your friendly team. When prospective customers are considering your store, these intros will help them feel more at home when they arrive. They also serve to identify experts, like certified mastectomy or orthotic fitters, giving viewers the confidence in your ability to serve their specific needs.

4Customer testimonials: Share customer success stories. Informal, personal testimonials with clients who sing your praises can boost your reputation more than tooting your own horn ever will. When prospective customers see firsthand how you help people like them, their own fears are alleviated. Testimonials are most impactful when they sound natural, not staged. (Be sure to get written consent from participants before taping begins.)

Regarding video scripts, remember K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, and more specifically, short. Thirty seconds to one minute is all you need to get the point across. After that, viewers will start tuning you out. If you need more time than that, create a series of related clips.

Lisa Wells is an Atlanta-based marketing consultant for the medical industry. Reach her at or 404-944-0081.