Martin Szmal: 'Mobility is all I do—it's my niche'

Monday, March 26, 2012

NANTICOKE, Pa. - Many in the industry know Martin Szmal from his work at Pride Mobility Products for the past 15 years, most recently as reimbursement coordinator for Quantum Rehab. He recently struck out on his own as a mobility reimbursement and compliance consultant, and is taking what he's learned about the industry and passing it on to providers around the country. Szmal recently told HME News about his new venture, The Mobility Consultants. 

HME News: What about your background prepared you to become a consultant?

Martin Szmal: I've worked for a provider, a managed care organization, Medicare and a manufacturer. I've seen all these different aspects of the industry and I feel it's a good blend of experience. Mobility is all I do--it's my niche. I'm a member of AAHomecare's Complex Rehab and Mobility Council and on the A-teams for all for DME MACs so I can keep track of all the industry changes.

HME: What do you find providers want most from your company?

Szmal: Most call me for documentation review--to see if their paperwork would pass a prepay or post-pay audit. I also do a lot of mock audits to show them how they can improve. I also offer recovery assistance on denied claims and can act as an expert witness in front of an ALJ.

HME: Why do mobility providers need outside help?

Szmal: All types of providers have questions. Generally, they carry more lines than just mobility and it's really difficult to keep up with the changes that Medicare throws at them. Medicare doesn't provide guidance in one place; you have to look at several sources to know what they want.