Mascot creates buzz

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wilhemena Henrietta Bee made her debut in October at the grand opening of the Women’s Health Boutique in Dallas.

“I always wanted to do a mascot with the initials ‘WHB,’” said Vicki Jones, owner. “When I first started the franchise, Ronald McDonald was big. The clown would go to store openings and I thought the WHB franchises could have the bee come in.”

Jones, who has an art background, designed the costume. She already had a background story for the character, written by an employee in 1995.

“One day Wilhemena got really sick and was told she would never get to fly again,” explained Jones. “Through the help of her healthcare team and her certified fitters, Wilhemena Henrietta Bee got well and was able to fly again and spread sunshine everywhere.”

The plan now is for Wilhemena to visit places such as to the children’s hospital and do fun things with patients, said Jones.