Mass marketing done right: It’s a good thing

Monday, March 31, 2008

I just read the March issue of HME News, and there is Executive Director of NRRTS Simon Margolis talking about the ‘Love’em and leave’em marketers.’ He makes it sound, once again, like all companies that use mass media to market their company and/or products are all the same and conduct their business in the same shoddy manner. I, for one, have had enough. Mr. Margolis, don’t lump all companies that use mass media into the same boat because we are not all the same.
The company I work for advertises via mass media. We do not drop ship chairs, and we service what we sell. We have local offices in the areas where we advertise, and if the customer requires a rehab chair they get a rehab chair spec’ed out by a RESNA- certified ATS or RTS that is supervised by an ATS. Our current RTSs are taking the ATS exam, and we will be in compliance with CMS regulations.
I feel that CMS is over-regulating our industry because we’ve failed to regulate ourselves. This needs to change. Manufacturers like Pride, Invacare, Sunrise, Permobil and others need to help crack down on the industry’s bad actors—if this means not selling product to them, so be it. Likewise, if you really want to make a change, use mass marketing to attract customers to companies that do it right—and away from those that do it all wrong.

Chris Bennett, ATS, director of rehab sales, Scooters America