Mastectomy fitter takes show on road

Friday, August 31, 2007

LONGVIEW, Texas - Realizing that not all women have easy access to post-mastectomy products, Vicki Jones has taken to the road, with a traveling boutique of products and expertise. Her "A Boutique Experience...For A Day" offers education and products for women who might otherwise do without.
"People can't always drive an hour or more," said Jones, owner of the Women's Health Boutique. "They do without products."
Jones spreads the word through advance advertising in local newspapers. She hosts seminars for women with breast cancer--which often gain additional press coverage--and does the fittings. Women make appointments in advance. Jones gets relevant information such as insurance information, height, weight, bra and dress sizes and packs the appropriate items to bring with her.
"I take products specifically for those people," said Jones. "About 90% of the time, (I fit them) with product I have on-hand."
Jones sets up shop in a bed and breakfast, hotel, church or other local venue. Either she or one of her employees hosts the boutique. She said it's good for staffers to see how women are underserved.
"Women typically assume Medicare won't pay for the product," she said. "It's interesting the misinformation they have."