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McKesson’s new resupply program offers efficiency, engagement

McKesson’s new resupply program offers efficiency, engagement

Brent PoythressSponsored Content:

RICHMOND, Va. – McKesson, listening closely to concerns and needs, has launched a new CPAP resupply program to help its HME provider customers streamline their inventory workflow and increase patient engagement.

The company’s investment in the program includes building connectivity to leading national HME billing and management software systems, allowing HME providers to continue using their current workflow.

“By leveraging our national distribution center network and applying our standard business practices, we can help fill the gap by providing a seamless ordering workflow, simplifying business experience with one complete invoice per patient order and offering scale by reaching much of the U.S. within two to three days,” said Brent Poythress, vice president, sales, at McKesson.

McKesson also offers other key components that complement their CPAP resupply and respiratory programs:

  • The VerbalCare® patient engagement mobile app. This allows providers to alert patients when it’s time to reorder resupplies and offers them real-time two-way communication with patients (for surveys, for example, to help with CPAP therapy compliance). It also allows patients to provide signatures via DocuSign and gives them access to a knowledge library with educational content.
  • McKesson Biomedical Solutions. This offering helps providers stock, service and track medical devices like ventilators and enteral pumps, freeing up providers to focus on driving business results. It offers a large fleet of medical equipment from ISO-certified facilities.

Smooth transition

In addition to building connectivity to leading HME billing and management software systems, McKesson worked with each major CPAP product manufacturer “to ensure the transition was seamless for the manufacturer and the providers using its CPAP products,” Poythress said.

“Through our active engagement and alignment, customers can continue purchasing the same CPAP resupply products they do today,” he said.

Case study

Branden Hicks, COO and respiratory director for Medical Supplies of Central Georgia, says McKesson’s CPAP resupply program has already yielded benefits, including a flat-shipping cost per order.

“Working with McKesson has allowed us to cut inventory costs, because we no longer have to carry dozens of each style and size CPAP mask,” he said. “We can carry just a small sample size for new CPAP setup patients and then use McKesson to ship our resupply orders.”

Future engagement

Going forward, Poythress sees a growing trend in “health care providers engaging with patients on their terms – in a time and place they choose.” That’s a big reason why McKesson plans to continue investing in this area, he said.

“Through the solutions we offer, providers can help build loyalty by strengthening the communications they have with patients, while also being highly efficient,” he said. “We want our HME providers to know we stand with them as they work to improve efficiency, while also providing exceptional service to patients.”


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