The MED Group hires new CEO

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

LUBBOCK, Texas - Bill Elliott, whose career in healthcare management spans 30 years and includes a stint as president of Bergen Brunswig Medical, took over as the MED Group’s CEO in late October.

“I’ve spent my entire career in healthcare,” Elliott said. “I like to find situations where there are lots of moving parts. My job ... is to be sure our members are among the winners, and disproportionately so.”

At MED’s management helm, Elliott joins the group’s president, Bill Miller, and outgoing CEO David Miller, who plans to remain active as MED’s chairman.

“I’m not going to be a hood ornament,” said David Miller. “I’m going to be out there and involved.”

Miller is stepping aside at an organization his father helped found in 1968 and one he joined after graduation from college in the 1970s. As a salaried chairman, Miller plans to remain involved in MED’s strategic planning, member relations and key vendor contracts.

As president, Bill Miller will focus on operations, new products and recruitment.

David Miller described Elliot’s role as the “heart and soul” of the operation. So far, Elliott likes what he sees of the industry, and the MED members he’s met.

“I’ve done enough due diligence to know that our members tend to be the standard bearers in the industry,” he said. “To sit with them here and hear their creative dissatisfaction has been very impressive to me.”