Medicaid, Summit attendees network, share strategies

Sunday, January 22, 2012

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Medicaid issues that come up in one state often pop up in other states. That's why NCART recently offered complex rehab providers from around the country a chance to get together to discuss their Medicaid challenges.

"It was another step toward creating more energy to put on Medicaid issues across the country," said NCART Executive Director Don Clayback. 

More than 80 providers and other stakeholders attended the NCART Medicaid Summit, held Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 in St. Louis, Mo.

One Medicaid issue that's becoming more and more challenging: audits. Jeff Baird, an industry attorney, gave a well-received presentation at the Summit on that very topic.

"He gave great feedback on how to work through the audit increase that has started to develop in Medicaid (programs) across the country," said Greg Packer, vice president of The VGM Group's U.S. Rehab.

The Summit was also a nice reminder for providers that they're not alone.

"It was a fantastic opportunity to network with other providers across the country who are facing similar challenges," said Chuck Fontenot, CRTS, ATP at Baton Rouge, La.-based Custom Healthcare, Inc. 

Attendees left the Summit motivated to work together and with groups like NCART to preserve access to products and services to Medicaid recipients.

"We need the patients involved, as well as the providers and manufactures, and we need everyone on the same front," said Packer. "It is the organization of multiple disciplined groups that will help stop some of the reductions."