'The medical industry is very attractive to a lot of buyers'

Sunday, October 30, 2011

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - With 15 years and more than 500 deals under its belt, VR Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions has built a reputation for selling businesses in the Carolinas. Among the company's recent sales were Penrod Medical Equipment in July and Lake Norman Medical in August. Owner Jay Offerdahl recently spoke with HME News about buying and selling in the HME arena.

HME News: Are HME businesses hard to sell?

Offerdahl: No. I think the medical industry is very attractive to a lot of buyers because of the baby boomer population. People are living longer and they want to stay in their homes longer.

HME: What are potential buyers saying about the industry?

Offerdahl: There's some concern about what may or may not happen, but no matter what changes from a policy standpoint, it still has exciting growth opportunities like expanding into multiple locations or offering home medical equipment in a couple of segments.

HME: Why do buyers and sellers use a company like yours?

Offerdahl: They want to sell without other people knowing they are thinking about selling. We also do screening of potential buyers and help get multiple buyers. On the buyer's side, they are looking at different firms simultaneously. Maybe they're relocating, or buying a business because they can't find a job.