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Medical profession skeptical about Walgreens plan

Medical profession skeptical about Walgreens plan

Well now I'm thoroughly confused. I just read an article about how a new program at Walgreens that would offer face-to-face consulting services for Type 2 diabetes patients is being panned. By the medical profession.

Now, I realize there is no love lost among independent pharmacies for Walgreens. But, at the heart of the issue, isn't this sort of service supposed to  help the patients—and save the health care system money? Isn't this sort of service what's supposed to separate the good from the bad and the just plain ugly in customer service?

In fact, there has been a push in the industry for pharmacists to offer more one-on-one help, or disease state management, with the patients they see regularly. Diabetes is a natural fit. A story I wrote in August about a new program garnered several calls from providers wanting more information.

It seems the docs are afraid it will "blur the lines" of care. It doesn't sound like Walgreens or any other pharmacy would ever seek to replace a doctor's care, but rather augment, to help the patient. Let's face it: It can take months to get into see the doctor, it's more expensive and it's less convenient.

This doesn't mean I think Walgreens is being altruistic, They, like everyone else, seek to grow revenues.

With reactions like this from the medical community, I fear meaningful health care reform is a long way off.


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