Medicare aims to improve timely access to new technologies

Sunday, August 15, 2004

August 16, 2004

WASHINGTON - CMS Administrator Mark McClellan announced a new effort last week to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries receive timely access to new medical treatments and technologies.
The Council on Technology and Innovation will replace the existing Medicare Technology Council and will consist of members of the agency's senior professional staff and will be co-chaired by the Director of the Center for Medicare Management Herb Kuhn, and Sean Tunis, MD, the director of the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality. The council will also have dedicated staff who will report to Kuhn and Tunis.
The council will provide CMS with improved methods for developing practical
information about the clinical benefits of new medical technologies. The goal is to provide faster and more efficient coverage and payment of these medical technologies
As directed in Section 942(a) of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, the council will address issues related to the processes for Medicare coverage, coding, and payment for new technologies. It also will facilitate the exchange of information on new technologies between the agency and other entities charged with making similar considerations and decisions.