Medtrade 2011 offers 'new opportunities'

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ATLANTA - As home medical equipment providers search for ways to re-invent themselves and explore new business horizons, sponsors of the Medtrade show are doing all they can to help give them the proper guidance. Medtrade show director Kevin Gaffney says this year's show will be filled with programs and events designed to furnish HME providers with solid, workable ideas to help steer them into lucrative new commercial ventures. He recently elaborated on the show's agenda in a Q & A interview.

HME News: What can providers expect from this year's Medtrade show?

Kevin Gaffney: HME providers will find an event that focuses on new opportunities. I hope HME providers will use their time at Medtrade to garner support for industry initiatives, to network with peers from across the country, to make business deals that will enable them to be successful in the coming year, and learn clinical information and operational strategies that will enhance their ability to run their companies and provide care for their patients.

HME: How does Medtrade stay ahead of the curve to make sure they are offering the most up-to-the-minute information for providers?

Gaffney: Medtrade is constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and design an event that meets the needs and challenges the industry is currently facing. A critical part of this involves the Medtrade Blue Ribbon Task Force and the various advisory boards, including the Educational Advisory Board, the Exhibitor Advisory Board and the Consumer Education/Advocacy Steering Group. The advice and guidance we receive from these groups, from individual exhibiting companies and attendees are essential to ensuring each Medtrade event offers current and needed content.

HME: It seems like there are certain vendors who are playing an increasing role in the show, such as pre-show conference sessions, and sponsoring certain educational sessions. Why is that?

Gaffney: As the industry evolves, we want to adjust our programs as well and we have found that our manufacturing partners not only provide top-shelf programs with outstanding experts in the field, they are also very effective at helping us reach a wider audience. Providers have a strong need for in-depth information, such as what is offered through the pre-show seminars, and that continues to increase. Manufacturers and other exhibiting companies realize the value of co-locating their educational programs with Medtrade as their audience has already made plans to attend, making it a cost-effective proposition for HME providers as well as the manufacturers offering the sessions.