Medtrade: Are you coming...or going?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Endless healthcare debates, byzantine regulations and cutthroat competition have fractured the HME industry. Add the crippling economic turmoil of the last several years, particularly the recent debt crisis, and it's no wonder the industry teeters on the brink. 

It remains an industry of good people: providers and manufacturers who believe in the power of home care and work hard to provide it. But take a good look around. How many of your competitors have fallen on the economic sword? You've survived, sure, but how does tomorrow look? 

If you're not ahead of the curve, it looks pretty bleak. Smart and successful HME providers must comprehend the nuances of competitive bidding and the revenue-enhancing power of diversification; they must understand the state-of-the-art products and cutting-edge business-building techniques available to them. More than ever, they need some help.

Medtrade is no mere convention. It's face-to-face, yes, but more importantly, it's in your face-- the definitive alliance of providers and manufacturers with a single-minded mission: the survival of not only their individual businesses, but also an industry critical to the nation's economic future.

From essential lessons on retail and direct-to-consumer sales to real-time content on the latest competitive bidding changes to hands-on interaction with over 10,000 progressive products, Medtrade unites 600-plus HME manufacturers with more than 6,000 HME providers--the ultimate industrial who's who. No other event offers this caliber of HME firepower. If you're not there, you might as well find a new business.

As an HME provider, you must be open to new ideas and relationships. You must constantly reevaluate your manufacturer partnerships and strive to ally with the industry's best. With the economy in such dire straits, you must wrap up your existing business--and consider every possible growth opportunity.  

For providers like you, in an industry with so many moving parts, it's all about education. If the other guy knows something you don't, you're doomed. New products to widen your customer base, new avenues to improve your bottom line, new techniques to navigate the roughest economic waters--these are the heart and guts of Medtrade. 

Besides helping your business survive and thrive, Medtrade promises unparalleled industrial unity. There are brilliant and highly skilled people in this industry and many individual companies and smaller organizations sharing positive messages. But the HME industry has always lacked that unified voice, that ability to stand as a single entity and demand that lawmakers heed the call. 

If Congress is serious about saving money on health care, home care has to be at the center of the plan--it's proven to cut costs and create better results for patients, families and healthcare providers alike. Medtrade is the best opportunity the industry has ever had to speak in that strong, clear voice.

These are challenging times. People are frightened--manufacturers, providers, doctors, patients...everyone. Now is when the bold stop being scared and start getting motivated, when they get off the bench and get educated, when they learn to make smart decisions and surround themselves with like-minded visionaries. And the only place to do all that is Medtrade. 

So, are you coming...or going?