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Medtrade gets a new captain

Medtrade gets a new captain

Medtrade gets a new captain

ATLANTA – York Schwab has taken over the helm as Medtrade’s new show director, replacing Mark Lind. HME News spoke to Schwab, who was previously the show’s account executive for the likes of Pride Mobility and VGM, about the future of Medtrade and what he brings to the table.

HME News: What have you learned during your four years as an account executive?

York Schwab: That you have to provide an experience that’s worthwhile for everyone. I’ve worked with large and very small, single-owner companies, and they come to the show for the community, but they also come to grow their businesses.

HME: How did this year’s virtual Medtrade go?

Schwab: The sessions have been viewed well over 1,000 times and several of the sessions had double the amount of views that you would get in an in-person event, so the ability to cast a wider net is showing some real potential.

HME: How might Medtrade change in future?

Schwab: In-person is clearly our way forward, but I do think we’re going to have to really examine providing that content in a way that everyone can access if they’re not comfortable traveling or for budgetary reasons, but they still want the most up-to-date information. I think it’s something we’ll certainly look in to.

HME: How will you put your mark on the shows?

Schwab: I think I bring a different perspective, having worked so closely with exhibitors over the last four years. I’m looking at it a little differently than maybe some people from the past. I think I’m going to bring a perspective of, driving the show in ways that benefit our exhibitors, but also the people coming to the show. My goal is for everyone to win.


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