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Medtrade Spring preview: Build and market strong COPD program

Medtrade Spring preview: Build and market strong COPD program

LAS VEGAS - With more than 12 million patients in the U.S. currently diagnosed with COPD, the ability to effectively manage COPD patients in the home is more important than ever.

At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, in a session titled “COPD Management in the Home: Patient Centered Care,” Katherine Royster, senior field marketing manager at Philips Respironics, will explore how treating the patient with advanced technology can help reduce readmissions and improve a patient's overall quality of life.

HME News: What's the scope of the HME provider's role in caring for COPD patients?

Katherine Royster: The ability of the HME provider to show the physician, payer and hospital that they have a disease management program focused on reducing COPD readmissions is more important than ever. Technology, education, and connectivity can all work together to provide a seamless care experience geared toward patient satisfaction, better patient care, and reduced cost of care.

HME: What more could HME providers be doing to keep these patients in the home and out of hospitals?

Royster: HME providers can expand their use of data. For example, risk-scoring algorithms make it possible for HMEs to identify potentially noncompliant patients and connect with RTs and patient support staff to adjust treatment as needed.

HME: How can home monitoring solutions help HME providers improve care for these patients in the home?

Royster: Home monitoring solutions need to provide insight and feedback options to help providers manage a large population of patients remotely so that they can spot trends, help patients who need extra support and intervene early to prevent an unnecessary hospital admission.

HME: What's the one thing you want attendees to take away from your session?

Royster: I want HMEs to know that they can differentiate themselves from the competition by building and marketing a strong COPD program that positions them as a partner in the patient's care team.

Katherine Royster

Senior field marketing manager, Philips Respironics

Monday, Feb. 29, 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Session: “COPD Management in the Home: Patient Centered Care”

Contact: Rachel Martin, 617-986-5711, [email protected]


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