At Medtrade: Unraveling the rehab landscape

Friday, September 30, 2005

ATLANTA - Big name players in rehab, including Dr. Robert Hoover, a former DMERC official who's now on board at Sunrise Medical, are hosting an educational session at Medtrade dedicated to the industry's changing landscape.
The session, "Unraveling the Mystery: Medicare and the New World of Power," will school rehab providers on the cards they've been dealt this year: everything from the national coverage determination to the proposal to drop the CMN to the draft local coverage determination recently released by the DMERCs.
"We'll be talking about timelines, mostly," said Hoover, Sunrise's senior vice president of global clinical affairs, "and educating providers on the importance of efficiencies in meeting those timelines."
It's no secret that rehab providers are under the gun: On Jan. 1, a number of new policies come into play, including new wheelchair codes and testing requirements, as well as the LCD (See related story on page 1). Hoover and Claudia Amortegni, president of Orion Group, will give presentations at the session, which will be held Thursday, Oct. 20, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Georgia World Congress Center.
At press time, the room number for the session had not been determined.
Hoover planned to address how rehab providers can improve their relationships with physicians to better meet the new 30-day timeline that's required for examinations and submitting paperwork for power wheelchairs.
"These timelines put emphasis on the provider to work closely with their referral sources, potentially even developing preferred providers," Hoover said. "It's a win-win proposition. A steady stream of business in exchange for the tools to make evaluations."
The MED Group, Motion Concepts, the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers and the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology are backing the session.