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Medtrade West Day 2: ‘You can’t shovel too much sunshine’

Medtrade West Day 2: ‘You can’t shovel too much sunshine’

I asked show director York Schwab this morning how his first Medtrade was going and whether such a big undertaking was daunting.

Unfortunately, I inadvertently cut off the first part of his video, but to paraphrase, he said it had been a challenge in many ways, with the original date pushed from April to July, and so many unknowns even in recent weeks, as rules and regs keep changing. He gave a lot of credit to Medtrade/Emerald staff for their ability “to pivot.”

He loves Phoenix for the show, and while it’s certainly hot, as he pointed out: "You can’t shovel too much sunshine."

In sessions, on the floor and on the street corners, there’s lots of joy at seeing old friends again, but even as good as that gets, there’s also much that’s new, as we all shake off what is hopefully the final vestiges of this scourge known as COVID-19, as well as continue to re-evaluate where we want to go from here.

For HME News, that includes taking a deeper dive into social media, including – gasp*! – video. I wanted to bring more of the show to providers across the country who couldn’t attend, as well as engage more with those that are here.

Speaking of video snafus, I’d like to give a shout-out to my first video interviewee: AAHomecare’s Tom Ryan. We filmed a warm and succinct 30-second spot and I sent him on his way. Only to discover I had neglected to press “record” to, you know, actually record.

So, I did what any intrepid reporter would do in this case: I tracked him to the AAHomecare board meeting set-up, fessed up and asked him to reshoot. Thank you!

Today was strictly educational sessions, capped by a lively “Welcome to Phoenix” reception on the show floor this evening. I spoke to folks who said they are here to learn from the experts, shop for new products, network and just generally show their support for what Medtrade has come to mean for the HME industry, in good times and in bad.

When I left the show tonight, I found myself walking with a woman who had arrived from Los Angeles for the show. She was looking for her hotel, so she walked with me because I knew where it was. She’s launching a brand-new niche DME supply company, so she has lots to take in.

We parted ways and I invited her to catch up Wednesday on the show floor so I could get her story formally on the record about why she wants to make her way in the HME industry.

Stay tuned.


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