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Medtrade West, Day 3: Sandals on the ground? Try feet up in the air!

Medtrade West, Day 3: Sandals on the ground? Try feet up in the air!

margaritaAfter Medtrade West ended today, I walked with Medtrade communications guy and press liaison Gregg Thompson (what IS your actual title, Gregg?) back to the hotel. On the way we talked about the show, which overall had a positive vibe. Very positive. In fact, Gregg was trying to put his finger on why everyone was so damn positive. (Journalists are, by their nature, a suspicious bunch).

My personal theory: people that come out to events, be they trade shows or birthday parties for one-year-olds, in general have a more positive, “join in” spirit than those who don’t. I think that goes doubly true in our still uncertain world, with varying restrictions still in place and concerns about childcare and travel in general.

In short, if you were here, you made damn sure to make the most of it.

By and large, the folks I talked to did just that. They soaked it up, attending sessions, shopped the floor, and greeted each other like long lost friends. This was confirmed by exhibitors who felt, despite the lighter traffic, the contacts were good and the energy high.
If Medtrade West was the litmus test for industry shows, well someone had to go first, as Show Director York Schwab told me. We think it bodes well for Medtrade East in October (a mere 2.5 months or so away, or so Gregg reminded me).

That’s a wrap, folks!


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