Miller’s adds to fleet

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

AKRON, Ohio – Miller’s has another mobile workshop for building seating systems onsite, this one a miniature version.

The new “MiniMobie” has everything that the company’s six larger mobile workshops have, including an industrial sewing machine, but in a smaller truck with better gas mileage.

“The big trucks get 3 miles per gallon—I’m just kidding, but that’s not too far off,” said John P. Miller, president. “This gives us the flexibility to travel more, and do more builds and respond to more repair requests.”

Miller’s, which relies on complex rehab for 65% of its business, has nine technicians who are able to build seating systems onsite, including Nick Delp, who will man the “MiniMobie.”

That Miller’s offers this service to clinicians is unique. Providers traditionally order seating systems from manufacturers and, once they receive them, make any needed adjustments onsite.

“The therapists that we’ve worked with like our model,” Miller said. “It’s so much more hands-on. There’s no sending the product back and waiting three weeks.”

One reason this unique business model works for Miller’s: It also has a division that sells and distributes adaptive technology products like headrests and footrests to round out a patient’s seating and positioning needs.

“We do have an advantage because we’re, in essence, buying from ourselves,” Miller said. “We started that division in the 70s because, at the time, there was no such thing as a custom headrest company.”

Still, it’s a model that requires constant investment—in not only trucks but also staff.

“Building seating systems is not something that techs come to us knowing how to do, so there’s a long training process—months and months,” Miller said. “It’s very important what they do—the seating has to be right. They really become master craftsmen.”

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