Missouri coverage reinstated

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - HME providers here in July cheered the signing of a bill that reinstated DME coverage for thousands and revamped the state's Medicaid program.
On July 2, Gov. Roy Blunt signed S.B. 577, renaming the state's Medicaid program MO HealthNet and providing coverage for DME.
"We're pretty tickled," said Ron Burns, the Missouri chair for the Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services (MAMES). "That's what we lobbied hard for."
The signing marked the end of a long battle for Missouri providers. In 2005, steep cuts to the state's Medicaid program left thousands without coverage for certain items. In the summer of 2006, providers tried and failed to get DME coverage included in H.B. 1011, the state's social services bill. The legislation is expected to take effect Aug. 28.