Mobül to take HME retail national

Friday, December 4, 2015

LONG BEACH, Calif. – When Wayne Slavitt, founder and CEO of Mobül, launched his company in 2013, he envisioned a national footprint “from day one” and he’s well on his way to building it.

“We’re in the process of raising capital,” said Slavitt, who has locations in Long Beach and Fountan Valley, Calif., and plans to launch three more in the next year and a half.

Mobül offers a full range of HME and DME, as well as technology products, such as GPS tracking devices and personal emergency response systems, for cash purchase only.

Eventually, Slavitt says he’d like to build up to at least 50 Mobül stores. 

“(A month before we opened), Medicare introduced its new competitive bidding program,” said Slavitt. “So I made the decision from the beginning that we were not going to be party to any insurance—whether it’s private, Medicare or Medicaid.”

What makes Mobül unique is Slavitt’s attention to detail. Every decision—from the umlaut over the ‘u’ to the product selection to the layout—has been carefully chosen to brand the company and create a customer-friendly environment.

“We definitely look like a national chain,” said Slavitt. “We hired a retail interior designer to choose paint colors and floor coverings, and we designed nice-looking slat wall shelving that doesn’t look like your typical home medical retailer.”

Though Slavitt is a relative newcomer to the HME industry, he knows his way around a business. In 2000, he launched and created the e-commerce platform for EZ-Up Direct, which offers pop-up tents and shelters online.

“What I bring to the table is the ability to identify market voids,” said Slavitt. “The baby boomers are starting to retire and their tastes and their buying power are much different from their parent’s generation.”

Sue Chen, CEO of Calif.-based Nova Medical Products, couldn’t agree more.

“I love Mobül,” said Chen, who manufactures mobility, bath safety and independent living products. “They focus on the three most important parts of retail: service, selection, and an amazing shopping experience. When you do these three things, you don’t have to haggle or negotiate on pricing.”