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Mobile Solutions: Avoid a tower of documents

Mobile Solutions: Avoid a tower of documents Q. How can mobile delivery management improve the speed of my billing process?

A. What does your billing process look like? Backed up? Time consuming to your delivery technicians? A daunting tower of documents for your billing department to quickly and accurately process? Complaints from your billers about work/life balance? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” it's probably time to consider a mobile solution that integrates with your billing workflow. Not only will a mobile software solution expedite the billing department, but it also eliminates unnecessary expenses and ensures you're prepared in the event of an audit.

Traditionally, delivery technicians have collected stacks of delivery documents to be thrown on a biller's desk at the end of the day, week or even month. This practice leaves a plethora of room for human error, such as losing documents and missing signatures. With a mobile solution, the ability to automatically send these documents immediately following each delivery guarantees the billing department has everything it needs, mitigating write-offs and long overtime hours, and allows technicians more time for patient care while eliminating re-visits.

Utilizing real-time electronic documentation will increase revenue and reduce a provider's days sales outstanding (DSO). The billing department now instantly has all necessary documents, as opposed to buried in a pile of papers, which results in more efficient processing and allows for orders get billed accurately and on time.

Lastly, as all files are stored electronically organizations are significantly more prepared in the event of an audit. Not only are all documents well-organized and effortlessly accessible, but providers can rest easy knowing nothing is missing or out of place.

A mobile solution takes the stress and guesswork out of completing patient orders and ensures successful processes for the billing department.


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