Mobility Supercenter ramps up rental service

Friday, August 23, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. – If a person comes out of a hospital needing a temporary wheelchair, they don’t want to permanently own a ramp. That’s where Kaye Crenshaw comes in. 

“We’ve been hearing about this need at in-services and facilities we visit,” said Crenshaw, president of Richmond, Va.-based Mobility Supercenter. “We have always sold ramps, but we didn’t keep a large inventory. With this new rental program, we decided we’re going to go into ramps full bore.”

Mobility Supercenter this summer began offering an expanded line of aluminum, steel and wooden ramps for sale, and aluminum ramps for rent. Ramps are not typically covered by insurance, which makes renting an attractive option, Crenshaw says. 

The ramps are part of an effort to bring in complementary products to Mobility Supercenter’s main offering: accessible vehicles. Mobility Supercenter also offers patient lifts, elevators, environmental control units and stair lifts. 

To market the new ramp rental program, Mobility Supercenter’s three sales reps will get the word out and Crenshaw will make presentations to local hospitals. 

The key to the program’s success, she says, will be good customer 


“We hear from the discharge planner that the patient is getting out of the hospital tomorrow and can’t get into the house,” said Crenshaw. “We need to go out quickly.”