Mother Nature boosts compliance

Thursday, November 30, 2006

BUFFALO, N.Y. - While Buffalo's freak Oct. 13 snowstorm had respiratory providers scrambling to service their oxygen patients, Apnea Care received more calls from its sleep rather than its respiratory patients, said Sandy Fermoile, president. "When the power went out they couldn't wear (CPAPs) for five, six, seven nights straight," said Fermoile. "It made them aware of exactly what the CPAP has been doing for them. People don't realize how much better they feel." Fermoile said the experience pointed to the need for a reliable backup battery for CPAP units--batteries with enough wattage to power a humidifier, as well. "People were going out to get generators just for their CPAP," said Fermoile. "If someone wants to develop (such a battery), there's a marketplace in Buffalo."