MRS Homecare's mobility biz 'booming'

Sunday, January 22, 2012

TIFTON, Ga. - In an industry where small mobility providers are increasingly selling out to national chains, you might not expect a provider to branch out and add complex rehab to its offerings. 

But that's just what MRS Homecare did, adding a complex rehab division to cover its 12 Georgia locations. 

And it's going like gangbusters. 

"The complex rehab business that we started about this time last year just absolutely boomed," said Tyler Riddle, vice president of operations. "We almost can't keep up with the demand for complex rehab right now."

MRS Homecare has one ATP covering three-quarters of the state, Riddle said, and he works from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. most days. MRS is in the process of training another ATP to help share the load.

In fact, the complex rehab division of MRS Homecare has grown to the point that it out-bills each of the 12 locations. 

What's the secret of MRS Homecare's success?

"We have one person that sees our patients through from start to finish," said Riddle. "They really feel like they are getting a level of personal attention that they're not getting elsewhere."

That patient-provider relationship has earned the company the loyalty and appreciation of local referral sources, and the word of mouth associated with that has also helped expand the provider's reach, said Riddle. 

"It's the same person that builds the chair that goes to the PT evaluations with the patient," said Riddle. 

That same person is also the one to call if the wheelchair needs repairs, he said.

Patients either visit one of the locations or receive home visits from the ATP, on a case-by-case basis. Most of the final fittings are done in the home. Riddle said patients in the provider's rural coverage area appreciate not having to go to a big clinic and sit in a waiting room.

"We're taking that 'good ole boy' experience and trying to parlay that into rehab," said Riddle.