Mt. Carmel enjoys two minutes of fame

Monday, April 30, 2007

PITTSBURGH, Kan. - Opportunity came knocking for Mt. Carmel Medical Equipment recently in the form of a stuffed-up TV reporter.
"He was suffering from allergies and he (decided) to hunt for a story about allergy season," said General Manager Gary Miller. "Somehow, we got in his crosshairs and wound up doing a two-minute news segment that aired twice."
During the video shoot and interview, Miller stayed off-camera, letting his respiratory therapist enjoy the spotlight.
"(She) talked about products that we carry and discussed things that can be done (to alleviate symptoms)," said Miller. "It was all good--it wasn't negative about (reimbursement) cuts."
Mt. Carmel Medical has always carried allergy-free pillows, air purifiers and peak flow meters in its retail store, a cash niche to augment its oxygen, sleep and DME business.
Since the broadcast, some customers coming in to the store have mentioned seeing the segment, although not as many as Miller would have liked.
It's live and learn, he said.
"We close at 5 p.m.; the piece aired at 6:15 p.m.," said Miller. "I should have thought that through better and left the phones on and had someone at the office."