Networks add clinical info to sites

Thursday, July 31, 2003

WATERLOO, Iowa & LUBBOCK, Texas - Both U.S. Rehab and the National Rehab Network are in different stages of incorporating clinicians into their Web sites.

“Our members were asking for a lot of different clinical material,” said Jerry Keiderling, vice president of U.S. Rehab. “What better place to get clinical information than from a clinician?”

On U.S. Rehab’s Web site, OT Sheila Buck finds reference material for rehab providers, Keiderling said. It might be an article on a specific subject that a referral source is asking about, or it might be material that backs up a provider’s wheelchair selection.

Buck has been part of the U.S. Rehab team since November, but the network is in the process of adding more reference material to the Web site and redesigning it into PDF format so that articles are easier to print. Keiderling expects those changes to take place by September.

On the National Rehab Network’s Web site, beginning this month, PT Adrienne Bergen will write educational articles and product reviews, and provide one-on-one advice to members, said Don Clayback, vice president of the network.

Both Keiderling and Clayback said it’s important for rehab providers and OTs/PTs to maintain a close relationship. While a rehab professional knows the equipment and what it can do, a clinician knows the client state.

Keiderling said the demand from members for clinical information says a lot about them.

“They’re eager, and they have the desire to educate themselves,” Keiderling said. HME
Sheila Buck, U.S. Rehab


- Started out as OT in local hospital

- Worked for local practice

- Established seating clinic for hospital

- Worked as dealer rep

- Owns consulting business
Adrienne Bergen, Nat’l Rehab Network


- Started out as PT then assistant director at hospital

- Taught PT at several colleges

- Supplied specialty DME

- Worked for rehab equipment supplier

- Writes, lectures