New ATP test offers chance to set new bar

Friday, April 8, 2016

ARLINGTON, Va. – Starting in July, those taking RESNA’s ATP exam will have one less subject to study for and the opportunity to help determine the passing score.

While the updated exam will remain the same length and scope, it will no longer include U.S.-centric funding questions to better reflect the growing internationalization of assistive technology. 

“The new exam should not be any more difficult—nor easier—than any previous rendition of the test,” said Julie Piriano, director of rehab industry affairs at Pride Mobility and a RESNA board member.

RESNA periodically conducts an analysis to ensure the test reflects current assistive technology practice.

The foundation of the test will remain the same because, while technology has advanced since the last time the exam was updated in 2009, the concepts used to identify and meet the needs of individuals with disabilities have not, Piriano says.

“The test doesn’t test for technological advances, but rather the concepts with which they are applied,” she said.

To get as many people as possible to take the new test, RESNA is offering a $100 discount off the regular $500 exam feefor those who sit for the test between July 1, 2016, and Oct. 31, 2016. After that window of testing has closed, RESNA consultants will evaluate the performance data and set the passing cut off score.

“It’s a good time to test the water,” said Piriano. “The test costs you a little bit less and you’re part of the group that is setting the passing score.”