New books aims to teach kids to cath

Friday, August 24, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY – Being a kid is hard enough. Add a disability that makes him feel different and it’s even worse.

That’s why 180 Medical in July published two instructional books, “Ethan Can Cath!” and “Emma Can Cath!” to teach children how to self-cath. 

“As a parent you want to be able to send your kid to school and let them function as normally as possible,” said Todd Brown, founder and CEO of 180 Medical, which provides catheter supplies. “If they don’t have that ability, either the parent has to go up to the school or the school nurse has to do it. It becomes a huge ordeal and it makes them different.”

The colorful books, created with children’s author Angela Ruzicka, feature Emma and Ethan, who, because they can now use catheters, are able to take their first school field trip—without mom and dad.

The book also features an instructional section for parents, which provides information on catheter products and how to use them.

“It’s a fun story book, but the ultimate goal is to get the kids independent and self-sufficient,” said Brown.