New ostomy fees could increase Byram's biz

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

GREENWICH, Conn. — An ostomy provider here is trying to makeover the ugly billing problems that will likely result from the new ostomy codes into an attractive business opportunity.

Because many of the changes made to ostomy codes involved breaking down existing codes, suppliers now have to adjust their billing systems to handle claims with multiple lines. As one of the largest ostomy suppliers in the country, Byram Healthcare has little choice but to overhaul its billing systems, but HME suppliers who do minimal business in ostomy may decide it's not worth it, said Steve McCoy, Bryam's senior v.p. of marketing and development. That's good news for Byram.

"Strategically, we think the investment required to make the system changes needed would be a catalyst for suppliers to consider selling the ostomy portion of their business to us," McCoy said.

In recent years, Byram has earned a reputation for acquiring the ostomy patients of HME suppliers who are looking to get out of the business. The new ostomy codes are presenting Byram with an opportunity to take that role even further, McCoy said. HME