NHIA’s Bodoff recollects and predicts

Friday, August 14, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – When Russell Bodoff took the reins at the National Home Infusion Association, the organization was near bankruptcy and there was no Medicare benefit for home infusion therapy.

Today, NHIA is a vibrant organization with strong finances—but there’s still no Medicare benefit. Bodoff retired this month after eight years and will be replaced by Tyler Wilson. He spoke with HME News about the state of home infusion.

The association

In less than a decade, the once struggling NHIA has built itself into a powerhouse with “tremendous support” from the home infusion industry, says Bodoff.

“We have a very active and strong presence on the Hill and with the regulatory agencies,” he said. “We’ve built a strong membership base. Every major home infusion provider is a member, not just the large ones, but the small mom-and-pops, the hospital systems—we have tremendous support. I am also very proud of our staff.”

The benefit

Infusion stakeholders have been working on a benefit for 25 years through multiple pieces of legislation, but Bodoff says he’s optimistic it will happen.

“We’re getting closer now,” he said. “No one questions the benefit of home infusion. There’s no question this will provide savings in the Medicare system. Back when John Kerry was still a senator and sponsored our legislation, he said, ‘This is healthcare insanity.’”

The future

All areas of health care are undergoing massive changes and providers must change right along with them, says Bodoff.

“There are consolidations, payers are reevaluating reimbursement, and reimbursements are becoming tighter,” he said. “Providers in home infusion and other areas are going to have to learn how to operate efficiently in the new models of the future.”