Nonin Medical to the rescue

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ALEX VEGA SALAZAR gives the thumbs up in October after being pulled from a mine in Coplapo, Chile, where he and 32 other miners were trapped for 70 days nearly one-half mile underground. Clipped to Salazar's left index finger: Nonin Medical's Onyx II 9560 wireless fingertip pulse oximeter. Physicians used the oximeters to capture the miners' blood oxygen levels and heart rates during and after their 20-minute ascent to the surface. The units use wireless technology and were able to transmit that information to a surface monitor, allowing doctors to immediately detect signs of physiological stress. "Nonin Medical is pleased to be able to aid the miners during their immediate and long-term recovery," said Nonin CEO Steve Bucholz. "No one in recorded history has survived trapped underground for as long as those 33 men have. When you've been exposed to extremely poor air quality 2,300 feet underground for 69 days, you don't just bounce back overnight."