Northwood spreads its Web

Thursday, January 31, 2002

CENTERLINE, MICH. - Northwood went live with its redesigned Web site last month, offering members access to contract-buying information and other news intended to make their work lives easier.

"We're trying to keep people up to date with the health plans and (manufacturer) contracts we have now and for those we obtain in the future," said Penni LaBute, program director for Northwood Plus, the provider network's buying group.

Through the site, member can now scan pricing, terms, delivery and other contract-buying information. There's similar information pertaining to Northwood's managed care network; updates on the group's lobbying efforts; and dealer support/training.

"They won't be able to order anything on site but will be able to link to manufacturers and some of them (Invacare, Mckesson, Sunrise Medical) have the e-commerce potential," LaBute said. "And by virtue of linking to their site, members can place orders online." HME