Not your grandma's advertising campaign

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FREEPORT, Ill. - Freeport Home Medical Equipment in October earned its stripes as a go-to provider of women's health products with a catchy new, zebra-themed brochure.

"We definitely wanted something to show folks what (we carry)," said Jae Hezlep, marketing director for the provider.

The brochure was designed with help from breast form manufacturer American Breast Care (ABC). The tri-fold, color brochure features a photo of the provider's latest window display--complete with zebra cutout--that ties into ABC's new line of zebra-patterned bras.

It also contains biographies and photos of company founder Carolyn Sluiter and one of her mastectomy fitters, and offers a patient testimonial.

"The provider can customize the brochure how they see fit, based on their market and product mix," said Erika Anderson, marketing coordinator for ABC. "Whatever a customer wants to feature, we can accommodate. The only thing we charge them is the freight."

The brochure slogan, "You didn't want to wear your grandma's underwear before you had surgery, either," is one that ABC has used for several years, but it's a message that appeals to mastectomy patients.

"It's fun, it's young and it's pretty," said Sluiter. "We want to provide a large selection for the ladies and they are finding out that it isn't just the plain, sturdy bra that's available. There are some real options out there."

The provider has started handing out its 2,500 brochures at local awareness events, support groups and referral sources.

As a small business owner, Sluiter said that not having to pay to design and print a full-color brochure is a huge help.

"With all the cutbacks, and everything else (we have to pay for), it adds up," said Sluiter. "When somebody wants to help us, it's really wonderful."