Now that's a switch

Saturday, June 30, 2007

HAMPTON, Va. - Pivoting off the success of its delivery business, Hymark-Cylinders has devised a new exchange program that switches out used cylinders for new ones, bypassing the refurbishment process that has long been common in the oxygen market.
Thus far, providers have given the program two thumbs up, say company officials.
"It is routine for aluminum cylinders to be hydrostatically tested every five years to make sure they meet the standards before they can be refilled," said Jason Franklin, company vice president. "We've come up with a new type of cylinder exchange program that bypasses refurbishment altogether--we replace all the incoming cylinders with new ones and do it for less cost."
Emboldened by positive provider response to the program--the Franklins report shipping out 35,000 cylinders this year--Hy-Mark is expanding its operation. First with a 9,000-square-foot addition; then with a new 45,000-square-foot storage facility.
Hymark isn't alone in its efforts to add value for its customers. Cramer Decker offers a similar exchange program (See HME News, April 2007). Additionally, Luxfer Gas Cylinders offers to retest a used tank, clean it to look like new and ship it back to the provider.