NRRTS to bring back the basics in 2012 webinar series

Monday, October 10, 2011

LARGO VISTA, Texas - Both new and long-standing NRRTS registrants will be able to find the CEUs they need in the 2012 webinar series if NRRTS President Michele Gunn has anything to say about it. 

NRRTS offers webinars to registrants for free every year, with topics this year ranging from custom molding to funding. 

Gunn is revamping the 2012 webinar program to include more classes for beginners, something she sees a real need for in the complex rehab technology community.

"There isn't a whole lot of education out there for people entering the field," said Gunn. "Those of us who've been around for a little while, I guess we get a little jaded, but when everything is catering to us and it's all advanced and intermediate, it doesn't back up and welcome the new folks in."

Another benefit to beginner courses: they could act as review for anyone studying for the SMS exam. 

Well-known speaker and educator Michelle Lange is coordinating the topics and speakers for the 24 webinar offerings, which will include those beginner courses, as well as intermediate and advanced courses.

"The goal is to have more of a breadth of information, pick up some topics that maybe aren't frequently covered in webinars, and bring in some really solid speakers," said Lange. 

Among the course topics Lange is most excited about: ethics, the pathophysiology of specific diagnoses, home accessibility and new positioning technologies.