NRRTS ‘raises bar’ for new registrants

Thursday, March 14, 2013

WALENSBURG, Colo. – A NRRTS registrant should have a “well-rounded” foundation in complex rehab—and new standards adopted Feb. 15 should help to ensure that, says Executive Director Simon Margolis.

NRRTS applicants now need 10 continuing educational contact hours, with at least 0.2 hours each in 1.) ethics; 2.) funding and public policy; 3.) medical terminology, vocabulary, anatomy and diagnoses; 4.) seating and positioning; and 5.) business practices.

“We look at what’s important: You have to have some ethical basis for your practice and some knowledge of business,” said Margolis. “The other requirements are the basis for any education for seating and wheeled mobility. We felt if you put that combination together, you would get a well-rounded beginning.”

Previously, NRRTS applicants needed 10 contact hours in anything related to seating and mobility. While the new standards may seem daunting, Margolis says NRRTS hosts webinars that cover all of the topics and are free to applicants working to earn registration.

Fine-tuning the standards for NRRTS registrants is part of an industry-wide effort to ensure appropriate access to complex rehab. Margolis points out that H.R. 942, a bill that would create a separate benefit for complex rehab, calls for higher standards for complex rehab providers. 

“Everyone agrees that, at some point, especially with the separate benefit category on the horizon, that we need to raise the bar,” he said. “We made these changes to reflect the direction we want NRRTS to move in.”

A complete list of standards is available at