NSC: We are timely

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

COLUMBIA, S.C. - In August, NSC Director Nancy Parker answered in writing several questions submitted to her from HME News regarding the NSC’s mailroom. Here are her answers:

HME News: Why does the NSC require that all official provider correspondence be sent through the mail or by a courier? In some instances, it seems faxing a document would be faster.

Nancy Parker: The NSC, acting for CMS, requires that all applications, re-enrollments and changes of information be sent through the mail or by courier because we must have a completed application (form 855S) or appropriate sections of the application (for Change Of Information) signed, with an original signature, by an authorized individual before we process them.

HME: How many pieces of mail, on average, does the NSC mail room receive each day? How many pieces does it process?

NP: The NSC mail room receives approximately 500 pieces a day (11,000 pieces a month), with a capacity to image/scan up to 800 pieces (documents) a day.

HME: Does the NSC have enough staff to handle all provider correspondences in a timely manner?

HME: Yes. CMS requires the NSC to complete and respond to 95% of provider correspondence/ requests within 45 days. The NSC exceeds this CMS requirement each month.