NSM road trip puts values in spotlight

Friday, March 14, 2014

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Sandi Schwartz Neiman recently laced up her traveling shoes, packed the tour van and hit the road for National Seating and Mobility’s All-In Tour.

The tour kicked off at NSM’s headquarters, home to billing and collections, human resources and administrative functions.

“I wanted to roll out the mission, values and vision to that group because a lot of those people are not exposed to the day-to-day mission,” said Schwartz Neiman, COO. “They do their jobs and focus on the tactical aspects of their work.”

Schwartz Neiman plans to visit all of NSM’s more than 70 branches, promoting the company’s values, talking with staff about a new vision statement that company leaders and facilitators have drawn up, and listening to staff experiences.

In her seven years with the company, Schwartz Neiman has visited nearly all the branches, but this tour has a different purpose.

“Really spending time in each local market is very different than just going there to fix a problem,” she said.

NSM has grown substantially in the last two years—Schwartz Neiman says one-quarter of the company’s ATPs came onboard during that time period.

“It is important to us that everyone naturally aligns with our mission,” she said. “It’s something started by our CEO Mike Ballard 23 years ago—provide a high-quality clinical experience, and give the patient what they need in a timely manner.”

One early theme of the tour: frustration. Employees told Schwartz Neiman that they can’t get necessary equipment without jumping through many hoops, and that changes in reimbursement make it hard for ATPs to do their jobs quickly and effectively. While the market can make it hard, NSM wants to hold its focus on doing the right thing, she said.

“Our values are really focused on compassionate care and responsible and accountable service,” said Schwartz Neiman.

Schwartz Neiman expects to wrap up the tour ahead of NSM’s annual conference in May.