Ohio HME provider incorporates

Saturday, May 31, 2003

148-year-old-house into its expansion plans
WESTERVILLE, OHIO — When Dasco Home Medical Equipment opens its new headquarters next year, it’ll do so in style.

As part of its new 15,500-square-foot HQ, the seven-location HME will renovate a charming 148-year-old farm house, turning the first floor into a venue to hold meetings and the second floor into a sort of B&B for consultants, board members and other company visitors.

“The thing I think is coolest about this is that we are going to renovate the house,” said vp Rachel Seeley. “The office building will be eight times bigger but matches the house perfectly.”
The 15,500-square-foot complex will include office space, showroom and warehouse, and is twice as big as DASCO’s current headquarters, which is bursting at the seams, Seeley said.

The new three-acre site includes enough green space for “DASCO Park” that will include things like a picnic pavilion, an area for volley ball, running path and maybe even a basketball court. HME