OIG recoups $21 billion

Saturday, May 31, 2003

WASHINGTON — The OIG saved taxpayers $21 billion in 2002 through fines, audits, settlements and other efforts to recover Medicare and Medicaid money.

In 2002, the OIG also excluded 3,448 people and companies from Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, secured 517 criminal convictions and 236 civil actions.

In 2001, the OIG recovered $18 billion; $15.6 billion in 2000; $12.5 billion in 1999; and $11.6 billion in 1998.

Why the increase from year to year?

“Some of it is because we have gotten better at what we do,” said an OIG source. “Some of it is based on larger settlements. And we have added more staff so they do more audits and inspections, and people are looking at reports more closely.”

The OIG did not break down the statistics by provider groups. HME