Online offensive

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Direct marketing:

“The online portion of our business is growing. We launched a formal authorized direct marketing program in 2008. Our online provider network is comprehensive. We’ve put together a program that gives credibility to who the online provider is-making sure that the right providers are selling the product, that they’re well trained on the product, that the users are taken care of-but recognizes, of course, that we have a brick-and-mortar network that’s important, too. Even in the listing on the retail locator, the brick-and-mortars come first, including the NRRTS registrants.”

Consumer education:

“We’re trying to build a direct electronic relationship with current and prospective users, so we can get to them more quickly and efficiently. My hope is that it will take the form of an electronic newsletter or some more consistent communication between corporate and providers and end users.”


“I’m a huge proponent of creating an experience. Whether you’re a clinician, provider or user, when you contact Roho or view our Web site, we want you to feel the experience of buying with us. It’s like when you go to an Apple store or the Apple Web site, you get that certain feeling.”