Opportunities for change

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I want to fill you in on some exciting changes at HME News.

First, Liz Beaulieu has moved up from managing editor to editor. Many of you know Liz, either though her stories or because you’ve spoken to her directly. She’s an experienced journalist and a five-year veteran at HME News. Beginning with the September issue, she’ll guide the newspaper’s day-to-day operations, continuing in the footsteps of her three top-notch predecessors (Mike Levans, Jim Sullivan and Mike Moran).

As Liz moves from managing editor to editor, we’re fortunate to have Theresa Flaherty ready to assume the managing editor role. Theresa has been with HME News for three years and has proven herself a strong journalist with solid news instincts. We’re fortunate to have her ready to move up to this key position.

Replacing Theresa as associate editor is a new addition to the HME News staff, Amanda Estes. Amanda is already a seasoned journalist, with experience first as a reporter and then as editor of two weekly newspapers in the South Portland, Maine, area. Amanda is looking forward to joining the HME News team, and I know she’ll work hard to quickly become familiar with the industry.

Congratulations to all three on their new positions. Liz, Theresa and Amanda will continue the strong tradition of journalistic excellence that has been the hallmark of HME News over the years. Please let them or me know anytime you think we’re not living up to your highest expectations.

By now you may be wondering, “What happened to Mike Moran?” Mike is moving up to the newly created position of executive editor. In that role, he’ll continue to have some oversight responsibilities for HME News, but his primary focus will be on developing an exciting program for the HME Exposition and Conference next April in Baltimore.

Mike is uniquely qualified for his new job. As the most experienced editor in the industry, Mike has spent 11 years observing and writing about all aspects of HME. He is well known and respected by both providers and manufacturers and isn’t shy about “calling ’em as he sees ’em.” In these days of business as un-usual, his experience, contacts and insight will provide the foundation for a unique conference program.

Mike will be ably assisted in his programming by a Conference Advisory Council consisting of other highly experienced members of the HME industry. They’ll help Mike identify topics and concepts relevant to today’s business challenges. Mike and the Council will develop a program that’s new and different. The conference goal is to help you change the way you see the business and, most importantly, improve your bottom line.

To make sure the HME Expo and Conference responds to your needs, we’re sending out an e-mail questionnaire looking for your thoughts and ideas. Rather than the usual “call for papers,” think of it as a “call for ideas.” What do you want to know to help you succeed in today’s business environment? Your input will help us produce a truly useful educational program that will ensure you’re a successful part of the new era in HME.