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Patient Data: Become consultative

Patient Data: Become consultative Q. How do I use patient data to create a marketing plan?

A. The first step in creating a direct-to-patient marketing program is to focus on data collection. Collecting data and obtaining written permissions from patients to contact them about not just medically necessary resupply-type items (something all HME providers should be doing), but also other products that have proven effective for patients that utilize the HME item. Providers who, oftentimes, manage the health of thousands of patients suffering from chronic or debilitating disease, must become consultative in recommending products or services that will help improve the health and well-being of the patients they serve.

In order to adequately and efficiently communicate with your patient population, HME providers must first collect all relevant contact data as part of the patient onboarding process; including home and/or cell phone number, email, address, etc. Soliciting the best contact method requires an understanding how a patient wants to be contacted and will improve your contact rate effectiveness; younger patients typically want a text message or email, while seniors gravitate toward a live phone call or visit.

After creating a follow-up communication plan for each patient, HME providers can establish a relationship to help manage their resupply timing for products like CPAP and oxygen. In addition to offering covered resupply items such as masks and tubing, patients using these products also typically benefit from wipes, pillows, liners, cleansing machines and other items that can strengthen the relationship with the patient and generate additional revenue for the HME provider.


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