Thursday, October 31, 2002

Altimate Medical
EasyStand 5000 Youth

- Stander/desk specifically designed for growing teens.

- Sit-to-stand design encourages compliance with ongoing standing programs.

- Support options can be added to accommodate needs of users.


Pediatric Keep-Warm Dish

- Keeps food warm for children who need more time to finish a meal.

- Easy to use, simply fill inside chamber with hot water.

- Holds 6 oz. and comes with plastic funnel for filling water chamber.

Body Tech NW

BT1000 Headrest

- Allows for optimal positioning of height, fore/aft, angles and tilt.

- Features positive lock mechanism for secure positioning.

- Mounting screw lock mechanism provides security and ease of use.


Gait Trainer

- Height adjustable.

- Features ankle prompts, seat harness, pelvic stabilizer and vertical handgrips.

- Available in three sizes; folds easily.


Scout M1 Pediatric Power Chair

- Seats 12" to 20" wide, 11" to 14.4" depth, with back angle adjustable.

- 20.5" turning radius, 300 lbs. capacity, 8 degree incline rating, 25 mile range.

- Options include custom seating, attendant control, power seat, elevating leg-rests.

Homecare Products

Pediatric Suitcase Ramp

- Ramps come available in 24" width for lighter, easier handling by the user.

- Pediatric ramps come in 5-foot and 6-foot lengths.

- Ramps fold in half to be carried like a suitcase, and a handle is included.


Pediatric Light 997

- High-strength pediatric lightweight frame, widths adjustable to 12", 14" or 16" with 250 lbs. capacity.

- Dual rear axle positioning with multi-angle casters and adjustable forks.

- Atttactive bright frame colors.


YG Pediatric Chair

- Three adjustable frame depths and widths.

- Incorporates an expandable camber tube adjusting height and center of gravity.

- Flip-up arms available as swing-away removable or fixed.

Ferraris Medical

Pocket Chamber

- Efficiency said to be equal to company's Aerochamber and Optichamber products.

- Smaller size helps improve patients' compliance.

- Cost-effective.



- Calms the infant/toddler during aerosol treatment.

- Directs aerosolized medication to the nose.

- Helps to eliminate medication waste.

Merits Health Products

M4K Pediatric Manual Wheelchair

- 14" x 14" seat with 16" height and 200 lbs. weight capacity.

- Padded removeable desk arms; 90 degree swing-away footrests with aluminum footplates.

- Solid front casters, rear pneumatic tires and optional elevating legrests.

Tempest International

Bed Bugs Therapeutic Surfaces

- Mattress surface on powered systems utilizes extra strong urethane air cells.

- Top covers use four-way stretch fabrics with low shear, vapor permeable surface.

- Standard sizes include crib, hospital, twin, full and queen.

Quantum Rehab

Dynamo Pediatric Power Chair

- Mid-wheel drive design offers excellent power and maneuverability with 16" inch turn radius for easy handling.

- Easy to disassemble frame perfect for field trips – no lift required.

- Synergy Seating System offers easy adjustments, grows with the child.