Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Altimate Medical
Altimate Medical’s new EasyStand Magician Comfy Seat is a standing frame that accommodates children from 3’ to 4’6” tall. It comes with a wrap-around seat and back that holds the child securely in place. The new foot-operated lifting mechanism allows for a quick transition from sitting to standing.

Columbia Medical
Columbia Medical’s Contour Ultima Bath Chair is configurable to meet an individual’s unique needs. Available in four standard sizes, and multiple custom combinations by specifying seat, back, leg length and width of chair. The chair’s legs, calf support and back adjust independently.

Eagle Health
Eagle Health Supplies new pediatric sliding transfer bench with swivel seat includes all the same features as the company’s regular sliding transfer benches. It also has two padded safety belts, one for the lap and one for the chest, and the seat and backrest are a little smaller.